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Chiropractic for Your Furry Friends

Because well adjusted pets are happy pets

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"The preservation of health is easier than the cure for disease." - B.J. Palmer

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On the 1st visit my horse had instant relief. Great service!

I have Dr. Kara as my own chiropractor for myself and I love her. Her technique is amazing and she is easy to talk to and I never feel rushed through. I took my dog to her for an adjustment and she was gentle and again has the coolest technique. My little dog was wagging her tail when we left. My horse will be next! I’m thankful I found her. I would highly recommend Stable Chiropractic.

Kara recently came out to my farm and did my both of my miniature horses and one showed immediate improvement at the walk! She took the time to show me how to check for when they showed signs of needing to be adjusted again, and pointed out things to monitor along with some neck stretches. Will definitely have her back out!

Dr. Kara Gingras, an actual certified animal chiropractor. I met her for the first time today, she knows her stuff and took time adjusting my 3 dachshunds and explaining how to tell when she needs to visit them again. Thank you so very much Dr. Kara Gingras of Stable Chiropractic.

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